Warehouses for rent - Warsaw City

Warehouses for rent Warsaw - City In-city warehouses for rent in Warsaw are located mainly in the south-western part of the city near the Chopin Airport (Okęcie) and in the north, near the S8 route (Białołęka and Bielany). Tenants can choose between classic large-area objects and SBU (Small Business Unit), offering small warehouse and logistics space for rent and a relatively large office space. Within the borders of Warsaw, there are also large warehouse areas, distribution centres and other logistic areas with access to the main exit routes from the city (warehouses in Wola, halls in Ursus). Warsaw is the most prestigious, representative location in Poland. The latest offers from Warsaw - City - warehouse space.

Properties from the region - Warsaw City

Wynajem hali magazynowej Warszawa Włochy w pobliżu obwodnicy
min. 1496 m²
max. 1496 m²
Poland, masovian voivodeship, Warsaw, Włochy
Hall in a warehouse and office building, which is located in one of the most attractive parts of Warsaw in terms of logistics....
w Warszawie na Pradze Północ do wynajęcia samodzielny magazyn z powierzchnią handlową i biurem
Praga Polnoc
min. 6300 m²
max. 6300 m²
Poland, Masovia Woivodeship, Warsaw, Praga Północ
Independent commercial real estate near the entrance to the Warsaw bypass - route S8....
Do wynajęcia magazyn na Targówku w Warszawie 778 mkw. dostępny od zaraz. Magazyn w środku.
min. 778 m²
max. 778 m²
Poland, masowian voivodeship, Warsaw, Targowek
For rent a warehouse in Targówek 778 sq m. available immediately. City warehouse close to the S8 route, as well as a good connection to A2....
modern warehouse with office space for rent in Ursus
min. 870 m²
max. 1740 m²
Poland, masowian voivodeship; Warsaw, Ursus district
We recommend a heated modern warehouse with office space for rent in Ursus, in the Warsaw district west of the centre. Available immediately....
A-klasowa powierzchnia magazynowa z 3 dokami do wynajęcia 870 mkw w Ursusie
min. 870 m²
max. 870 m²
Poland, mazowieckie, Warsaw, Ursus
A-class warehouse space with 3 gates for rent 870 sq m. in Ursus near Warsaw....
Samodzielny magazyn do wynajęcia Warszawa Włochy 850 mkw
min. 850 m²
max. 850 m²
mazowieckie, Warsaw, Wlochy
An individual warehouse for rent Warsaw Włochy is a warehouse and office property with very good exposure and a comfortable connection with routes S8 and S2....
Gate One Magazyn Warszawa
min. 1000 m²
max. 19100 m²
mazowieckie, Warsaw, Włochy
Warehouse Warsaw Gate One Business Park is a modern warehouse and office space located in Włochy District in Warsaw....
Magazyn do wynajęcia Warszawa Okęcie Small Unit
min. 630 m²
max. 4200 m²
mazowieckie, Warsaw, Wlochy, Okecie
Warehouse to let in Warsaw, close to international airport Okęcie....
Atrakcyjny obiekt magazynowo-biurowy SBU do wynajęcia w Warszawie 1 000 mkw
min. 460 m²
max. 1360 m²
mazowieckie, Warszawa, Włochy, Okęcie
Modern warehouse-office premises to for rent in Warsaw, Poland....