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Warehouses for rent Lodz - Łódź City. Warehouses for rent in Lodz and the surrounding area to an excellent solution for companies looking for a place to organize distribution on a national scale. The central location in the heart of Poland at the intersection of the A1 motorway with A2 and the S8 expressway provides a convenient connection with Warsaw, Poznań, Wrocław, Upper Silesia and other parts of the country. Łódź is growing into a central logistic location in Poland. In Łódź, there are "Big Box" type distribution complexes, such as Panattoni Park Business Center II, Segro Logistic Park Łódź, Logicor Łódź, as well as smaller small business Units (SBU) and private warehouse and production properties.

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Properties from the region - Lodz City

7R City Flex Łódź I - miejski magazyn na wynajem w Łodzi
Lodz City
min. 1300 m²
max. 8300 m²
Central Poland, łódzkie, Łódź
Warehouses for rent in 7R City Flex Łódź I, a city logistics center at A1. Municipal warehouse in Łódź for last mile logistics....
Logicor Łódź I
Lodz City
min. 1152 m²
max. 60000 m²
Poland, łódzkie, Łódź
The offer of warehouses for rent in Łódź as part of Logicor Łódź I covers over 60,000 sq m. modern warehouse space....
Hala przemysłowa w Łodzi do wynajęcia 6355 mkw_
Lodz City
min. 1271 m²
max. 6355 m²
Poland, łódzkie, Łódź, Widzew
Attractive, new industrial hall in Łódź for rent in the northern part of Łódź, in the Widzew district, with easy access to the A1 motorway....
Panattoni Park Łódź West magazyny na zachód od centrum Łodzi
Lodz City
min. 2000 m²
max. 63630 m²
woj. łódzkie; Konstantynów Łódzki near Łódź
Warehouses for rent in Panattoni Park Łódź West are warehouses west of the center of Łódź. Great location!...
7R Park Łódź West - nowy budynek magazynowo - biurowy na zachód od centrum Łodzi do wynajęcia
Lodz City
min. 2000 m²
max. 3890 m²
łódzkie, Konstantynów Łódzki near Łódź
The space recommended for rent is a new freestanding warehouse and office building west of the centre of Łódź in 7R Łódź West....
Panattoni City Logistics Łódź 3 magazyn miejski
Lodz City
min. 945 m²
max. 18900 m²
łódzkie, Łódź
Panattoni City Logistics Łódź III is a new urban warehouse in Łódź, offering a 1,900 sq m hall for rent, a module from 945 sq m. Perfect for deliveries on the same day within the city....
A new warehouse for rent in Lodz with 14 docks and area 13076 sq m
Lodz City
min. 13076 m²
max. 13076 m²
łódzkie, Łódź, Poland
The new warehouse for rent in Łódź is 13,076 sq m. and 14 docks is located in a great location....
Do wynajęcia magazyn w Łodzi w 3 240 mkw
Lodz City
min. 3240 m²
max. 3240 m²
łódzkie, Łódź
We recommend to rent warehouse in Łódź in the north-eastern part of the city near the entrance to the A1....
Panattoni Business Center Łódź
Lodz City
min. 2379 m²
max. 2379 m²
woj. łódzkie, Łódź
2379 sq m warehouse in Łódź at Panattoni Business Center Łódź, is a modern warehouse for rent near the intersection of A1 and A2 motorways....