Warehouses for rent - Lodz Voivodeship

Warehouse space for rent - Łódź, Stryków, Piotrków Trybunalski - Lodz voivodship. Warehouses for rent in Central Poland in the Lodz region. Central Poland is the location located in the region of the Lodz region, which is characterized by a very well developed road infrastructure, which is still being developed. Due to the strategic location of the region of the Łódź Voivodeship, from the beginning of the formation of the Polish warehouse market, the region of Central Poland was among the locations with the greatest potential for development. In 2018, the region of Central Poland enjoyed the great interest of tenants, achieving the result of 690 thousand. sqm. of leased space, of which 87% covered new lease agreements. This result places Central Poland second in the ranking of the most desirable logistic locations in the country. Commercial real estate in the vicinity of Łódź or warehouses for rent in Stryków or Piotrków are one of the most popular locations that are occupied by logistics operators, e-commerce and commercial networks as well as manufacturing companies from various industries. The A1 (north-south) and A2 (east-west) motorways intersect here, which enables convenient distribution to all parts of Poland. The developed road network, access by motorways to expressways provide greater opportunities for development for Pabianice, Aleksandrów Łódzki, Piotrków Trybunalski, Zgierz, Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Majków, Wola Bykowska, Zgierz and Konstantynow Łódzki. The high activity of developers and the relatively large volume of investments with the speculative component will make the availability of warehouse space increase. The challenge for the Central Poland region is the prolonged investment processes caused by limiting the accessibility of construction companies and increasing labour costs. The deficit of employees is still severe, in particular in Łódź and Stryków, which may affect the increased development of the market outside the main subregions. Warehouses in Central Poland are delivered by the main developers of Panattoni, Segro, Prologis, Hillwood, Logicor, MLP and others. Warehouse parks in Central Poland include Segro Logistic Park Stryków, Panattoni Central Logistics HUB, Panattoni Park Stryków, Logicor Park Łódź II, Segro Logistic Park Łódź, Prologis Park Łódź, MLP Łódź Wschód, Prologis Park Piotrków, MLP Stryków, Diamond Business Park Stryków and others. The Lodz Special Economic Zone operates in Central Poland. See warehouse space for rent in the area you are interested:

Properties from the region - Lodz Voivodeship

7R City Flex Łódź I - miejski magazyn na wynajem w Łodzi
Lodz City
min. 1300 m²
max. 8300 m²
Central Poland, łódzkie, Łódź
Warehouses for rent in 7R City Flex Łódź I, a city logistics center at A1. Municipal warehouse in Łódź for last mile logistics....
Logicor Łódź I
Lodz City
min. 1152 m²
max. 60000 m²
Poland, łódzkie, Łódź
The offer of warehouses for rent in Łódź as part of Logicor Łódź I covers over 60,000 sq m. modern warehouse space....
Hillwood Stryków - magazyn do wynajęcia w Strykowie z 25 dokami o pow. 15300 mkw
Strykow City
min. 300 m²
max. 15300 m²
Central Poland, lodzkie Voivodeship, Strykow near Lodz
A modern warehouse with 25 docks in Hillwood Stryków at the Stryków junction on A1 and A2, Central Poland. At Hillwood Stryków warehouse for rent 15300 sq m. with the possibility of division....
Magazyn do wynajęcia w Strykowie koło Łodzi - idealny pod produkcję
Strykow City
min. 6031 m²
max. 6031 m²
Poland, łódzkie, Stryków near Łódź
Warehouse for rent in Stryków near Lodz is a modern warehouse space ideal for production (including a large allocation of power), storage and distribution....
Diamond Business Park Stryków
Strykow City
min. 1200 m²
max. 60000 m²
Lodzkie Voivodeship; Stryków near Łódź
Warehouses for rent near Łódź in Diamond Business Park Stryków. The minimum module for renting a hall is 1200 sq m....
Diamond Business Park Stryków II nowoczesne magazyny koło Łodzi
Strykow City
min. 1200 m²
max. 54000 m²
łódzkie, Strykow
Diamond Business Park Strykow II is a modern warehouse facility for rent at A2 near Lodz. The central location creates excellent logistics conditions....
Hala przemysłowa w Łodzi do wynajęcia 6355 mkw_
Lodz City
min. 1271 m²
max. 6355 m²
Poland, łódzkie, Łódź, Widzew
Attractive, new industrial hall in Łódź for rent in the northern part of Łódź, in the Widzew district, with easy access to the A1 motorway....
Panattoni Park Łódź West magazyny na zachód od centrum Łodzi
Lodz City
min. 2000 m²
max. 63630 m²
woj. łódzkie; Konstantynów Łódzki near Łódź
Warehouses for rent in Panattoni Park Łódź West are warehouses west of the center of Łódź. Great location!...
7R Park Łódź West - nowy budynek magazynowo - biurowy na zachód od centrum Łodzi do wynajęcia
Lodz City
min. 2000 m²
max. 3890 m²
łódzkie, Konstantynów Łódzki near Łódź
The space recommended for rent is a new freestanding warehouse and office building west of the centre of Łódź in 7R Łódź West....