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Panattoni Europe is a leading and dominant developer on the Polish warehouse market. Warehouse parks implemented by Panattoni are the highest class commercial real estate suited to tenants of various industries. Panattoni Parks in Poland include City Logistics Warsaw II, City Logistics Warsaw Airport, Panattoni Park Konotopa, Panattoni Park Warsaw, City Logistics Wroclaw I, City Logistics Łódź I, Panattoni Park Bielsko-Biała II, Panattoni Park Gdańsk, Panattoni Park Rzeszów, Panattoni Park Mińsk Mazowiecki, Panattoni Park Kielce, Panattoni Park Nowosola, Panattoni Park Opole, Panattoni Park Września, Panattoni Park Zabrze, Panattoni Park Tychy, Panattoni Park Żory, Panattoni Park Urzut, Panattoni Park Bydgoszcz, Panattoni Park Bialystok, Panattoni Park Olsztyn, Panattoni Park Toruń, Panattoni Park Lublin etc. These modern warehouses support the development of both medium and large local companies as well as continue the standards of international corporations. Halls for rent in Panattoni parks are an excellent response to the high demands placed by tenants. See the warehouses of the Panattoni Europe developer in Poland.


Panattoni Park Gdańsk Airport powierzchnia magazynowa na wynajem przy S6
Gdansk City

Warehouse space in Gdansk in the warehouse park. New warehouse for rent near the Tricity Beltway (S6).


New warehouse space for rent in south-eastern Poland in Kielce in Panattoni Park Kielce

Panattoni Park IX Nowa Wieś Wrocławska - do wynajęcia magazyn Wrocław AXI IMMO
Nowa Wies Wroclawska

Panattoni Park IX Nowa Wies Wroclawska – warehouse for rent southwest of the center of Wroclaw. Warehouse in the area of ​​the city of Wroclaw at A4, A8 and S8.

Panattoni Park Radzymin poleca AXI IMMO

The Panattoni Park Radzymin warehouse centre is new A-class halls in the vicinity of the S8 exits to Radzymin North and Radzymin South, in close proximity to the Marki ring road.

Panattoni Park X Psary Wrocław Nowa powierzchnia magazynowa z dokami i pramami z poziomu zero

Warehouse space for rent in Panattoni Park X Psary Wrocław. The hall north of the center of Wroclaw is a new warehouse at S5 and A8 – the Wrocław bypass.

Warsaw Ursus

New warehouse at S8, west of the Warsaw city centre. For rent a warehouse in the Warsaw region at the entrance to S8 Warsaw West, near Konotopa and entry to A2 and S2.

Panattoni Park Poznań IX complex
Tarnowo Podgorne City

The newest Panattoni Park Poznań IX complex includes new high storage warehouses and office space.

Hala magazynowa do wynajęcia Łódź w Panattoni City Logistic Łódź II przy A1 i blisko A2
Lodz City

Warehouse for rent Łódź in Panattoni City Logistic Łódź II is a hall at the entrance to A1 and close to A2, ideal for e-commerce – fast deliveries and returns handling in Łódź and the surround...

Panattoni Park Kraków Skawina II - do wynajęcia magazyn Kraków blisko A4, 12 000 mkw.

For rent warehouse Cracow in Skawina in Panattoni Park Cracow Skawina II about 3 minutes by car from Krakow. High storage warehouse for rent.