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6 August 2020
The warehouse market resilient to COVID-19 in H1 2020 E-commerce still driving take-up....
4 August 2020
Demand, supply, vacancy - 1st half of 2020 on the office market in Poland. What awaits us in the 2nd half of 2020?...
2 June 2020
How to make savings on office space in Warsaw? The situation in the Warsaw office market. Warsaw Map with rents in individual districts....
The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the office sector – results of AXI IMMO’s occupier survey
Reports & Publication
13 May 2020
AXI IMMO survey results among office space tenants - Pandemia Covid-19 is changing the office market. What is the situation from the perspective of tenants?...
AXI IMMO presents: Report - Polish Warehouse Market in Q1 2020
Reports & Publication
11 May 2020
AXI IMMO Report - Polish Warehouse Market in Q1 2020. Rents, demand, supply, vacancy rates and forecasts for the warehouse market....
Report - 2019 Summary. 10 Facts about the Polish Warehouse Market
Reports & Publication
9 March 2020
AXI IMMO has prepared a report with 2019 summary on the warehouse market in Poland: Report - 2019 Summary. 10 Facts about the Polish Warehouse Market....
AXI IMMO Report – Warehouse market in Q3 2019, Poland
Reports & Publication
14 November 2019
Report warehouse market in Q3 2019, Poland - investment market, supply and demand for warehouses, current rental rates, forecasts....
Reports & Publication
4 November 2019
AXI IMMO Office report: The office market in Poland is constantly growing, the total stock of modern office space in the H₁ 2019 exceeded 10 million sq m. ......
Report Warehouse market in H1 2019 in Poland
Reports & Publication
19 August 2019
The warehouse sector has another successful six months behind it. High, stable demand at 1.8 million square metres was the result of high activity in the logistics sector. On the supply side, developers are bui...