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Warehouse market in Wroclaw 2019 - region 10 years ago and today
Reports & Publication
17 April 2019
Warehouse market in Wroclaw 2019 - AXI IMMO report. The AXI IMMO consultancy agency analyzed data on the development of the warehouse market in Wrocław in the last decade....
Axi Immo Report – Warehouse market in 2018
Reports & Publication
19 February 2019
AXI IMMO Report - Warehouse market in 2018 in Poland and forecasts for 2019. The warehouse market is on a stable growth path. Warehouses are a big hit in the investment market. ...
Report – The warehouse market in Q3 2018 by AXI IMMO
Reports & Publication
19 November 2018
The latest report - Warehouse market in the Q3 2018 in Poland: The Polish warehouse market on the road for further records. Over 3 million sq m leased from the beginning of the year, 2.16 million is under const...
Report - warehouse market in the first half of 2018
Reports & Publication
20 August 2018
Positive macroeconomic data, including an increase in the GDP forecast to 5%, is reflected in the results for the warehouse sector. In the first half of the year, 2.02 million sq m of modern warehouse space was...
AXI IMMO Raport Rynek magazynowy w I kw. 2018 r._en
Reports & Publication
15 May 2018
Report summarising Q1 2018 prepared by AXI IMMO experts. Another record in the warehouse sector on the horizon – nearly 2 mln sq m are under construction, demand in high over 1 mln sq m in Q1 2018. ...
Report: Warehouse market in Poland in 2017 and prospect for 2018
Reports & Publication
12 February 2018
Report: Warehouse market in Poland in 2017 and prospects for 2018. AXI IMMO experts present the summary report on the warehouse market in Poland in 2017....
Report – Industrial market in Poland Q3 2017
Reports & Publication
15 November 2017
The good macroeconomic performance of the Polish economy is having a positive effect on the warehouse market. Since the beginning of the year, demand has exceeded 2.54 million square metres, spurring on subsequ...
Offices for an IT company
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17 August 2017
The office becomes one of the elements of the fight for IT talents. Tips on how to prepare them to meet the expectations of this particularly demanding professional group and how much such project costs are pre...