BTS project for logistics operator Ebrex in Sweden – AXI IMMO international brokerage

Ebrex has leased 12,000 sq m of warehouse and office space in Örebro city in Sweden. BTS project dedicated to tenant needs is being built by company Logistic Contractor. AXI IMMO supported the client in the comprehensive lease process.

5 November 2018
Monika Rykowska
Projekt BTS dla operatora logistycznego Ebrex w Szwecji Międzynarodowe doradztwo AXI IMMO

Ebrex company is an international logistics operator providing a comprehensive range of transport, forwarding and logistics services as well as production of innovative packaging for the industry. The company has branches in Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Sweden and Poland. Ebrex specializes in comprehensive services for companies from the automotive industry.

Ebrex in a distribution center in Sweden

As part of the winning logistic tender for one of the largest international manufacturers in the automotive industry and the need for efficient customer service, Ebrex will launch a distribution center in Sweden. The new warehouse is being built in the city of Örebro. Ebrex will have 12,000 sq m of warehouse space and 300 of office and social space. Ebrex in the transaction was supported by AXI IMMO. Ebrex cooperates with AXI IMMO from many years.

For our client, the key aspect defined at the tender was efficient supply chain on which location has the main influence. Örebro was chosen, because it is one of the largest logistics points in the country and a strategic distribution center for Scandinavia. The new warehouse, in addition to the strategic location, is built with individual needs and customer service specificity in the automotive industry.” – comments Tomasz Łysiak, Operations Director at Ebrex.

AXI IMMO international brokerage for Ebrex

We have been cooperating with Ebrex for a long time and we are happy that we could advise the client in this international transaction.” – adds, Wojciech Waryś, Partner Industrial & Logistic at AXI IMMO.

The Ebrex company decided to locate the new facility at a strategic point considering the conduct of efficient logistic operations. The BTS project will be located only 3.5 km from European routes E18 and E20, as well as near the railway terminal and the airport, providing the client with an effective distribution network not only within the country, but also within other European countries.” – comments Renata Osiecka, Managing Parnter at AXI IMMO.

BTS from Logistic Contractor

Logistic Contractor – specializes in designing and building logistic facilities. The company creates individual logistics solutions customized to the client needs. Logistic Contractor operates throughout Sweden and has subsidiaries in Norway and Denmark.

Logistic Contractor is part of Wästbygg Gruppen AB, one of the largest construction and development companies in Sweden, with in-depth knowledge in the field of creating places for work, life and entertainment. Wästbygg was founded in 1981 and currently has offices in Göteborg, Stockholm, Malmö, Jönköping, Borås and Varberg.

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