Office department services

Comprehensive consultancy for the office space market

The AXI IMMO office team offers a full range of consultancy services in the lease of office space. AXI IMMO office department services include rental of office space, renegotiations of lease agreements, office relocation and workspace arrangements, and more. We are independent – we only represent tenants. We offer our services throughout the whole country, with particular emphasis on the Warsaw office market.

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Consultancy in the office market: audit of lease conditions

  • financial audit: independent analysis of office operating costs,
  • legal analysis: preparation of reports and analysis of key lease provisions,
  • verification of the fulfilment of lease terms and conditions by the property owner,
  • consultancy on the ability to negotiate the costs and points of an existing lease agreement,
  • audit of service charge.

Consultancy for the office market: transaction support

  • identification and analysis of client needs for current or potentially occupied office space,
  • market overview for specified office requirements,
  • analysis of options: renegotiation and relocation,
  • selection and comparison of the financial terms of offers,
  • analysis of the key elements of a lease,
  • In the process of negotiating lease terms with building owners, we place particular emphasis on minimising the commitment of the client’s resources.

Consultancy for the office market: transaction support

  • identification of key threats to a project,
  • active consultancy that adapts to changes occurring during the process,
  • coordination of the project schedule and the work of all parties involved in its implementation,
  • support in promoting the project, as well as in communicating with employees, the market, contractors and investors.

Consultancy for the office market: office design and arrangement

  • analysis of how a company functions in its current office space,
  • assessment and diagnosis of the needs of an organisation and its employees regarding its working space,
  • consultancy on creating a plan for optimising the performance and functioning of the company,
  • creating an effective office space design,
  • adapting the design to the image of the company,
  • support for employer branding regarding the working environment,
  • coordination of subcontractors’ work,
  • monitoring and approval of finishing work,
  • organisation of the handover process for the space.

At AXI IMMO, we assist in designing effective and attractive office space. We monitor the valuation of planned arrangements and provide supervision of finishing work.

Office space lease

  • Advisory and brokerage within searching for office space;
  • Tenant/landlord representation;
  • Coordination of negotiation and renegotiation of office space lease contracts.
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