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11500 mkw. dla Selsey w City Logistics Wrocław I
4 November 2020
Selsey, operating in e-commerce with furniture and decorative articles, rented 11500 sqm. in City Logistics Wrocław I....
Prawie 15 500 mkw. dla PEKAES w Panattoni Gdańsk Airport
30 October 2020
Warehouse and crossdock hall for PEKAES in Gdańsk at Panattoni Gdańsk Airport. The logistics operator PEKAES will occupy almost 15,500 sqm. modern logistic space....
22 April 2020
Watch the webinar organized by IRELS Association regarding European Logistics during the Pandemic. ...
Colian Logistic w Panattoni Park Wrocław IX, doradza AXI IMMO
2 December 2019
AXI IMMO advises Colian Logistic, which has moved to a new warehouse in Panattoni Park Wroclaw IX Nowa Wies Wroclawska near A4, A8 and S8....
Nowy magazyn z mroźnią i chłodnią Frigo Logistics w Czeladzi na Górnym Śląsku 
17 October 2019
AXI IMMO advises the logistics operator Frigo Logistics on the lease of 3,500 sq m freezing and cooling warehouse at the Alliance Silesia Logistics Center in Czeladz, Poland....
Renata Osiecka Managing Partner AXI IMMO komentuje targi Expo Real 2019 w Monachium
Market News
14 October 2019
The Polish property investment market from the perspective of Expo Real 2019 – commentary by Renata Osiecka, Managing Partner of AXI IMMO....
AXI IMMO dla sieci Komfort
9 August 2019
AXI IMMO advised the Komfort company on the lease of warehouse space of 15.5 thousand sqm at SEGRO Logistics Park Stryków (warehouse at the A2 motorway)....
155-metrowy nowoczesny wieżowiec powstanie przy Rondzie ONZ w Warszawie
7 August 2018
Skysawa at the ONZ Roundabout in Warsaw - a modern office building will replace the building from the 1960s....