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The knowledge base consists of articles, advice and publications developed by AXI IMMO experts on news, solutions, technologies and issues as well as answers to questions from the commercial real estate market.
22 June 2021
Data Center warehouses - How do data centers consume energy? Optimization of energy costs, locations for a Data Center in Poland, alternative solutions for energy generation....
28 January 2021
Showroom - 5 questions about showroom in new office buildings and offices undergoing revitalization....
Changes and prospects for the warehouse and logistics market in Poland
25 November 2020
What has changed in the warehouse & logistics sector in 2020? What are the short- to medium-term prospects for growth in the Polish warehouse market? ...
Data centers – a new sector of commercial real estate with a high growth potential
12 October 2020
Data centers are becoming an important segment of the commercial real estate market, and the Covid-19 pandemic has provided an impetus for their further growth. AXI IMMO report...
Warsaw law firms choose offices in the city center
8 September 2020
What are the trends among tenants - law firms - what do they most often pay attention to when choosing an office? Where do law firms have their offices in Warsaw?...
okolice Dworca Zachodniego w Warszawie Warsaw Office market
31 August 2020
Warsaw West Station may unexpectedly gain popularity among the current office locations in the coming years...
18 August 2020
In the latest development schemes, companies strive to reduce the negative impact on the environment through more thoughtful development planning...
North Warsaw vs South Warsaw – What is the best office location for a logistics company?
15 July 2020
Which locations on the map of Warsaw are the most popular for an office for a logistics company? Offices in Okęcie, Włochy, Ursynów or Bielany and Targówek?...