in the commercial real estate market

AXI IMMO Group investment department services

Investments in the commercial real estate market are a strategic area of AXI IMMO Group’s business. We support our clients at every stage of investing in the commercial real estate market, both on the buyer’s and seller’s side.

We provide comprehensive information necessary for investment decision making, enabling our clients to minimise risk and maximise returns on their investment.

Local investors and large international investment funds take advantage of AXI IMMO’s investment department services to invest in the commercial real estate market.



Investments in the commercial real estate market: buyer support

AXI IMMO’s commercial property investment services on the buyer side include:

  • market overview and investment opportunities in line with client’s requirements,
  • transaction structuring and consultancy when selecting the optimal financing path,
  • due diligence analysis: analysis of market conditions, identification of financial risks and consulting on their minimisation,
  • assessment of the technical and legal status of a property,
  • a comprehensive valuation of all types of the commercial real estate including market, replacement, mortgage and fair value,
  • an organisation, coordination and evaluation of tendering processes,
  • support in negotiating the legal and financial terms of a transaction,
  • post-transaction support.



Investments in the commercial real estate market: seller support

AXI IMMO’s investment department offers a broad spectrum of services supporting the sale of real estate in the investment market. Services include:

  • a comprehensive valuation of all types of commercial real estate,
  • due diligence analysis: financial, technical, environmental and legal due diligence for the seller,
  • evaluation of lease agreements and other contracts and obligations regarding a property,
  • preparation of financial, technical and marketing information for prospective investors.

AXI IMMO advisors support clients in these matters as well as many others related to commercial real estate investments.

We prepare documents and analyses that constitute a solid foundation to make strategic decisions in the building and effective management of a commercial real estate portfolio.

In cooperation with international partners, including Gerald Eve International, we also develop expert analyses and reports on trends in investment markets. AXI IMMO’s investment department is looking forward to hearing from you.

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