Industrial department services

Comprehensive consultancy for the industrial market

The AXI IMMO industrial team provides comprehensive services for the warehouse and industrial real estate market. We represent our clients in the processes of renting, purchasing and building tailor-made projects (BTS). We implement projects from A to Z: including diagnosing and identifying our clients’ needs, choosing the optimal solution, providing support in the contract negotiation and renegotiation process, and offering post-process support during the contract period. We operate throughout the country, and as part of an international partnership we also provide services for clients abroad.

See offers of warehouses and halls for rent and halls for sale.

Consultancy for the industrial market: transaction support

  • identification and analysis of client needs for current or potentially occupied storage-industrial space,
  • market overview for defined office requirements,
  • analysis of variants: renegotiation, relocation, building of own facility,
  • selection and comparison of the financial terms of warehouse projects,
  • coordination and support in renegotiations and negotiations of warehouse space lease agreements.

Consultancy for the industrial market: audit and multidisciplinary consultancy

  • analysis of leases and other contracts and liabilities related to occupied logistics and industrial space in legal and financial terms,
  • audit of operating costs,
  • logistics consultancy.

Consultancy for the industrial market: consulting services

  • Market research, market reports and analyses,
  • support in defining company strategy in the warehousing and logistics process.

AXI IMMO’s range of formats:

  • logistics and storage parks,
  • warehouse and office space,
  • warehouses with logistic support,
  • production halls,
  • Small Business Units,
  • chillers and freezers,
  • transshipment and distribution centres.
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